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1 Year Gift Subscription for Cardiogram Migraine IQ

Give the Gift of Cardiogram Health to Your Friends and Family

Cardiogram Migraine IQ mobile app can help your loved ones with understanding and managing their headaches and migraines based on their personalized data, activities and habits.

Gifting Migraine IQ means your loved ones can better understand and take control of their migraine episodes.

Potential Benefits of Migraine IQ:
  • Track and manage headaches
  • Receive risk analysis to predict upcoming episodes
  • Understand the affects habits have on headaches
  • Apply early interventions to avoid episodes
  • Enjoy improved overall quality of life!

More Info on Migraine IQ

How Gifting Works:
  1. Purchase the Gift now.
  2. Customer Service will email you a Gift Certificate with a Redemption Code within 2 days.
  3. Email the Gift Certificate to your loved one when you want to send the gift during the holidays.
  4. Receiver can download the Cardiogram app from the Apple or Google app store, enter the Redemption Code in the app to activate their 1 year Gift.
  5. Your loved one can now enjoy the benefits of Cardiogram Migraine IQ for one year - thanks to you!!!
    Cardiogram Migraine IQ User Requirements:
    1. User must have an Apple iPhone or Google Android Phone to download and run the Cardiogram mobile app.
    2. User must have a compatible smartwatch such as an AppleWatch or another Android smart watch from Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil, etc. (Most smart watches from most leading vendors are supported.)
    Terms for Gift Subscriptions Purchased in 2023:
    1. Gift Subscriptions must be activated by the Giftee by March 31, 2024.
    2. 1 Year Gift Subscription term starts on the day the Redemption Code is first used for activation by the Giftee.
    3. Gift Subscriptions do not automatically renew at the end of the 1 year term. The Giftee will be able to purchase a new subscription at the end of the initial term.

    4. Gift Subscriptions cannot be canceled or refunded once the redemption code has been activated. As a courtesy to our valued customers buying the Gift Subscriptions in 2023, we will allow cancellations and full refunds prior to redemption code activation until March 31, 2024. Please email Cardiogram Customer Service if you need assistance at hello@Cardiogram.com